Mindset is everything.

What does it mean for you and your business and why does it matter?

The Oxford Dictionaries definition is

The established set of attitudes held by someone

You can tell from the description that this sounds very permanent.

Do you know anyone who says – it’s just the way I think, I can’t help it – I’ve always been like that.

This is definitely an established attitude.  It’s a fixed mindset.  It’s seen as a fait accompli and there’s nothing that can be done about it.


Sorry to shout – I know we don’t like to be wrong (or at least our egos don’t) – it’s just something that really fires me up.  I truly believe that the one thing we always have control over is our thoughts and beliefs.

Any attitude we learn, we can unlearn.

When we were born, we didn’t have that attitude or way of thinking. Therefore, we learned it.  And anything that we can learn, we can unlearn or learn something new.

And learning how to think differently is crucial when you’re in business – especially if this is the first time you’ve ever been in business.

If you’re a coach this is likely not new to you.  However, I believe that stepping into the entrepreneurial world brings up lots of ‘stuff’ we weren’t really aware of before.  Know what I mean?

For example – how’s your mindset around sales?  Or money? Or your ability to do your work?

I’ve found along my journey that it’s been my mindset that has held me back in the past.   Here are 5 steps that I’ve learned to take.  I hope they help you and your business soar to success too.


1.View everyday as a school day

Whatever you’re doing, look for the lesson.

When you’re in the midst of a challenge, you’re being provided with the opportunity to learn.  And the more you learn, the more value you have to offer your clients.

You’re also creating new neural pathways that will help you increase and grow your emotional well being.  It’s while you’re in the state of uplift and growth that you’re able to attract more clients and grow your income too.  Your vibrational energy is high and you are more visible to your ideal clients.

This commitment to learning will also feed your creativity, which you definitely need as an entrepreneur.

Flexible and creative thinking is what will help you to stay the distance so that you can ditch the doubt and experience soaring success.

2. Keep going

Let me guess, nobody told you how hard this entrepreneurial journey was going to be.

If you give up at the first hurdle, you will not be able to build your business.

Get used to those uncomfortable feelings of frustration and fear.  Whilst ever you’re feeling them, it’s a sign you’re moving forward.  I believe the only time they stop is when you do.

You absolutely have the ability to adapt and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Einstein said that you cannot expect to solve a problem with the same level of thinking that helped to create it.

Uplift your thinking and use that creativity and learning to overcome this bump in the road.  Believe that each bump is temporary and for each bump you move beyond, you grow your resilience and strength to face the next.

3.Welcome challenge

If you’re doing something worthwhile, it’s likely you’ve been challenged by it.

Challenge is inevitable.  You must learn to welcome it and embrace it as one of your greatest teachers.  For each challenge you overcome, you develop a greater depth of character and of course, you’ll be better placed to help your clients if they go through the same or similar challenge.

Taking 100% responsibility is a critical part of empire building.  When you welcome challenge you are taking ownership instead of looking towards blaming others or depending on them.

Accomplishing these challenges keeps you grounded as you recognise that there is always more to learn.  It serves to remind you that there is always room for kindness, gentleness and compassion – even in business.

4. Flirt with Failure

Now I know that none of us likes to think we’re failing or a failure.  But these are merely labels we give to our experience.

Remember #1?  Learning makes our experience valuable.

And let’s face it some of our biggest learnings come when we’ve ‘failed’.

So get comfortable with this concept.  If you remain in fear of it, you will stay stuck and make decisions that keep you small.

How are you going to save the World if you stay small?  Breathe into the fear and boldly take the next step.  What would you really do if failure was not an option?  Do that.

5. Uplift others

Soaring to success cannot be done whilst you’re comparing yourself to others.  Comparison only leads to jealousy, resentment and intimidation.

Your mindset will suffer greatly if you don’t stay in your own lane.  If you’re constantly checking out what someone else in your profession is doing, STOP IT.  Use that time to create things of your own.  Find yourself a group where you feel supported and encouraged and where you find it easy to do the same for others.

It’s all back to that vibrational energy again.  Your clients will pick up on what you put out there.  I know it can be hard if you’re going through a tough time right now and I know it will make you feel so much better when you’re uplifting someone else.

Learn to feel genuinely pleased and congratulate others from your heart to theirs.

Reach out if you need some help – it was the best business move I ever made

If you’d like help with any of these steps, let’s talk.  I’d love to see if I can help you to fly as high as you possibly can.  Click here to book a time when we can talk. Xx

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