You are creative – yes you!

It might not be your favourite or most natural thing, but it’s there within you – within all of us.

What do you think creativity is?  Maybe you think it’s being able to draw or write.  There is so much more to being creative.  Creativity of thought is something we can all tap into.

The most important thing is to pay attention and to embrace your creativity when it arises.

In doing so, you’re creating new neural pathways and who knows where they might lead in your life or your business?

You have so much potential

I experienced this first hand when I was out walking in the dales with my husband.  It was a very rainy day and as we walked, a poem began to form in my mind.

It was one of those amazing moments where it ‘felt’ right.  The words and the rhythm of the words continued to form so that by the time we got back to the car, I had the whole thing – apart from a few missing words and lines that didn’t scan too well – and I wrote it all down in my notebook.

That was a good few years ago and I rediscovered it recently.  When I read it, I realised it was actually quite good!  And that encouraged me to pay more attention to my innate creativity. (You can read it by following the link below)

Pay attention to your creativity.

It’s there. Carry a notebook or record your thoughts on your phone.

Capture it and embrace it.

Let me know what you create and please feel free to share this post

To your continued creativity.

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Much love

Jane xx

Here’s the poem