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Jane helped me to break down my bigger goal into smaller, manageable steps that I could take in the short-term. This helped to give my motivation back and to re-direct my energies towards what I now realise I should have been focusing on all along.

Jane is professional, easy to talk to and is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals. She is challenging when she needs to be, supportive at other times, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make progress on their goals.

S.R, London February 23, 2016

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Having had the children leave for uni and then return to live at home we experienced a dramatic change to the household dynamics. Four adults, with different agendas, living under one roof soon lead to friction, heated conversations and a constant atmosphere of conflict.

Jane came into the situation when we were at a point of crisis. We all came together as a group which worried me as I thought that the situation might get out of hand. The complete opposite happened. Jane talked to us as a group and asked questions of each of us to help us to identify issues, thoughts and feelings and then in turn we all listened to each other. We were all very truthful which made me really nervous but Jane kept guiding the situation so that we explored our thought processes and behaviours to understand how they were affecting each of us. She encouraged us to focus on what we wanted rather than on what had been and to determine what we each could do to bring about the change we all wanted. The outcome has made us all consider each others feelings, to have an awareness and a better understanding of what each of us wants to achieve which in turn has lead us to support one another. Jane helped us to reshape our thoughts from being very negative to being much more positive. The outcome is a much calmer and more harmonious atmosphere and a much more pleasant environment in which to live our lives. Many thanks Jane you helped more than you know.

C.A, North Yorkshire February 23, 2016

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  • I sought coaching at a time when my professional priorities needed some clarity so I reached out to the Coaching community, and found Jane.
  • I spoke with several coaches at the time, and found Jane’s kind and open manner to be what I needed in order to help me work through the clutter causing the lack of focus on the priorities.
  • What quickly became apparent was that Jane’s structured but flexible approach, coupled with her NLP experience, allowed me the space to break down my priorities and look at what I needed to really focus on in order to help achieve the ‘quick wins’.
  • I felt that Jane took on board my approach to things but challenged it in a non- confrontational manner which allowed me to explore what was really holding me back.
  • From the goals I set myself, I have achieved on all fronts, and know that should I need a coach to help me again Jane will be the first person I call.


The coaching I have received has been second to none. When Jane told me she was not going to tell me the answers, I have to admit I was skeptical. However, having been through the sessions, I have been brought to a place where I know I have all the faculties to affect my own personal development. Jane guided me through what I saw as the daunting process of facilitating my own change and I have learned skills which have made a tremendous difference to my life.

L.G. February 23, 2016