I recently saw a link to Timeboxing and, being interested in all things time management, decided I’d give it a whirl.

Oh my goodness – this has revolutionised my life.



Here’s what to do:

  1. Each day set yourself 3 intentions (goals) – this is a crucial part of the process.
  2. Next, plan all the things you’d like to achieve in addition to those 3 intentions (or the steps you’ll need to take to achieve them).
    • List all the tasks involved in your day
    • Assess how much time you’ll need to achieve each task (use the 25 minute Pomodoro technique where appropriate)
    • Plan the whole of your day in blocks of time, remembering to build in some catch up time when tasks overrun or something unplanned crops up.
    • Tick off your list as you complete each task
  3. Prior to starting each time block, make sure you’re ready to go, with everything you need at your fingertips.
  4. Set your timer and off you go!
  5. When your timer goes – step away from the task – this is the liberating part!
  6. Take a break (you could set yourself a mini task to complete during your break so you’re not wasting any precious time).
  7. Prepare for the next task and repeat steps 1-7!


It really is that simple. I’ve seen an increase in productivity whenever I use this. I love it!

You remember I said that setting your intentions for the day is crucial. That’s because when you’ve completed your plan, it should include steps that will help you to focus on and achieve these intentions. Also if anything unexpected happens, these intentions should form the basis of your re-prioritised plan.

Setting your intentions for the day will help you to stay focussed

I’ve created a downloadable printable Timeboxing worksheet  to help you to manage your time – please feel free to use and re-use.

Please comment below to tell me how you find it. Please also share to spread this amazing tool!